Can't do a multiline assignment!

s0suk3 at s0suk3 at
Thu Apr 17 17:40:41 CEST 2008

> Yuck!  No way!!  If you *want* to make your code that hard to read, I'm
> sure you can find lots of ways to do so, even in Python, but don't
> expect Python to change to help you toward such a dubious goal.

Well, my actual code doesn't look like that. Trust me, I like clean

> Seriously, examine your motivations for wanting such a syntax.   Does it
> make the code more readable?  (Absolutely not.)  Does it make it more
> maintainable.  (Certainly not -- consider it you needed to change
> CONSTANT2 to a different value some time in the future.)

Yes, it makes it more readable. And yes, it does make it (a lot) more
maintainable. Mainly because I don't have those four variables, I have
about thirty. And I think I won't need to one or two of them, but
maybe all of them at once.

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