Python in High School

Stef Mientki stef.mientki at
Thu Apr 3 19:17:00 CEST 2008

>> Well I doubt it's the visual environment that makes it more easy,
>> color, shape and position can give some extra information though.
>> I think apriori domain knowledge and flattness of information are of far
>> more importance.
>> The first issue is covered quit well by Robolab / Labview,
>> but the second issue certainly is not.
>> I'm right now working on a Labview like editor in Python,
>> which does obey the demand for flatness of information.
>> The first results can be seen here:
>> cheers,
>> Stef Mientki
>>> And you are going to teach them Java?  Oh, please don't.  Let the
>>> colleges torture them.  :=)
> What do you mean by flatness of information?
What I mean is something like; all the information at a certain 
abstraction level is visible on one screen or one piece of paper,
and not is available through multiple screen / multiple right-clicks 
etc. A wizard in general is an example of strong non-flatness of  
information  (try adding a mail-account in Thunderbird, this could 
easily be put on 1 page, which clearly would give a much better overview).


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