Google App Engine

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Wed Apr 9 20:22:46 CEST 2008

> <snip>
> > The backend data store, while it has a vaguely SQLish query language is an
> > object database not a relational database, i.e. more like ZODB than MySQL.
> > It uses similar concepts to django's data api but isn't the same. It
> should
> > be possible to write something simple to replace it, but given that you
> > only need to migrate away from Google when your data or page hits get
> > large, you need to replace it with something scalable.
> I have a bet with a coworker that someone will implement the api, in a
> way that makes migration away from Google easy, within a month.
> (actually, the bet is just that there will be a project with this
> goal). The reason I mention it here, is that he had the same comments
> as you regarding this. My thinking is that (if past experiences can be
> used as a yardstick) the python community will see this deficiency and
> work to correct it.  As a result of that thinking, I am fairly certain
> that this concern is not a big concern.  The authentication thing,
> thats a bit different.

The best would be if the google datastore backend would be available
from sqlalchemy or sqlobject. I understand that the google datastore
is not a relational database but that just means that the full power
of sqlalchemy or sqlobject would not be available for this backend
only a limited subset. I think this should be doable especially
because GQL is very similar to SQL looks like it's really a proper

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