Stuck in a loop

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Tue Apr 1 07:20:19 CEST 2008

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|I wrote a simple algorithm and it keeps getting stuck in a loop.  I
| guess I'm just to tired to figure it out:

The easiest way to figure out somethinglike this is to print your variables
from inside the loop to see things stick, or if there is a cycle.

| compcount=[5,4,2,2]
| suitrank=[0,0,0,0]
| trump=2
| l,lt=0,0
| while l<4:
|    while lt<4:

print l, lt

|        if l==trump:
|            l+=1
|        if l>3:
|            break
|        if lt==trump:
|            lt+=1
|        if compcount[l]<compcount[lt]:
|            suitrank[l]+=1
|    lt+=1
| l+=1

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