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En Tue, 15 Apr 2008 20:37:40 -0300, agent E 10 <eddieatter at>  
> On Apr 14, 8:37 pm, Benjamin <musiccomposit... at> wrote:
>> On Apr 14, 9:00 pm, agent E 10 <eddieat... at> wrote:>    Hi,  
>> I'm brand new to programming. Have any suggestions? I'm young.
>> > Was it a good idea to start with python? I was planning on creating a
>> > very simple program that asked yes/no questions for a school project.
>> IMHO, Python is an excellent language to start with. Have you read the
>> tutorial?
> No, I haven't. I have been reading off of this site
> is this a good site to
> learn off of? About how long will it take me to learn the basics of
> the language?

I'm unsure if teaching Javascript, VBScript and Python at the same time is  
a good thing, I'd think one would get a language soup and mix all the  
concepts, but if it works for you, go ahead.
For other resources, see the beginners section in the Python wiki:

Gabriel Genellina

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