noobie question about mailman

lg elgeee at
Thu Apr 17 20:04:03 CEST 2008


I'm pretty new to usenet and totally new to python, so.. hopefully i 
won't offend anyone with my naivete.  I work at a non-profit 
organization where we use mailman for our email lists, and i've 
inhereted the task of being list administrator from my 
sadly-recently-and-unjustly-terminated coworker.

Anyway, I'd to know more about working with mailman from the command 
line.  For example, I know it must not be toooo complex to have mailman 
export a csv doc of all the members of a lis (instead of having to look 
through members using the web interface for administrators).  Can 
anyone point me in the direction of a forum, email list, or good 
tutorial to get me started?  Any insight *mucly* appreciated!


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