Scott SA pydev at rscorp.ab.ca
Wed Apr 30 19:09:23 CEST 2008

On 4/30/08, Jumping Arne (arnlen at mac.com) wrote:

>I'm completely new to PIL and I'm trying to read IPTC info, I understand that 
>it's possible but I can't find out how (and for once Google doesn't seem to 
>be able to help). Does anyone have an example of how it's done?

Some basic PIL info:
<http://effbot.org/imagingbook/> has a tutorial and more info

It has been a while since I had to do it but effectively, you need to open the image before you can extract the IPTC as I recall.

This should give you a starting point:
    from PIL import IptcImagePlugin

A Google Search for 'how-to' gives some insight

The process is similar to reading EXIF info, I suggest you look there and modify as necessary. So a modified search to include EXIF

While not PIL exclusive, the following should be useful:

There are also separate libraries for IPTC with Python bindings. One is called libiptcdata. It lives here:

Another example using IPTCInfo:

And another python-based (non PIL) one here:

While not a direct answer, I hope this is helpful,


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