Installed python 2.5 over 2.4 and lost installed packages

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Sun Apr 27 15:33:57 CEST 2008

I don't know what the best practice is, but just creating sym links into site-packages will work, and it saves the extra memory from cp'ing.

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Subject: Installed python 2.5 over 2.4 and lost installed packages

Hi all,

I recently updated os x from python 2.4 to 2.5 (from and
in doing so I lost my old python path entries. Python 2.4 was
installed using fink.  Now when I do:

import sys
print sys.path

my old site-packages directory is not within it (the 2.4 one).

So what is the right thing to do in this situation?  It would be a
pain to find and re-install each of the packages.  Is it ok to add my
old site-packages directory to the sys.path?  What is the best way to
do so (e.g. using .pth files or PYTHONPATH or other)?  Is cp'ing the
files from one place to another safe or advisable?

Any help on best practices appreciated.


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