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Steve Holden steve at
Fri Apr 25 06:37:11 CEST 2008

Sean McDaniel wrote:
> Hi y'all,
> I'm trying to perform a local install of python at work in my user 
> directory. Everything compiles correctly, but I can't seem to tell the 
> configure script the location of the bin and lib directories where I 
> want my stuff. I've think I've passed the correct flags to the 
> 'configure' script.
> make clean
> ./configure --enable-shared --prefix=/user/mcdaniel/arch32
> make
> where arch32 contains the the lib and bin directories where I want my 
> python stuff to go.  Unfortunately these directories are not written to; 
> everything ends up in the default location from where I ran 'make'. 
> Moreover, if I add a symbolic link from the python binary (which I can 
> run directly without problems) to the bin directory so that my PATH will 
> recognize the new python, I get an error about loading shared libraries.
> I'm making on a 32 bit new debian system.
> Thank you for your help,
Did you run "make install" yet? It's that step that moves the binaries 
to where they should live. As it says in

"""Change to the Python-2.5 directory and run the "./configure", "make", 
"make install" commands to compile and install Python."""

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