Module to read input from commandline

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Unless I misunderstand your needs, you could just use raw_input(prompt) to get your answers.

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Hi all,

I did some quick searching but I haven't found anything like I want.
It probably has to do with the terms I am searching for so if I
describe what I want then I hope someone can point me to a good

I want to take input from the user at the command line. e.g.)
Would you like to continue [Y/n]: y
What is your favorite color: green

You get the idea.  Basic question answer stuff.  It should handle
default options, case insensitivity, etc.  Perhaps the module would
compare the inputted text against a regexp for validation.  If the
module had an interface similar to OptParse that would be nice.

Anyone know of a decent module that handles this type of thing?
Writing from scratch would be simple but why re-invent the wheel.


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