reading dictionary's (key,value) from file

ankitks.mital at ankitks.mital at
Mon Apr 7 18:38:39 CEST 2008

Is it possible to read hash values from txt file.
I have script which sets options. Hash table has key set to option,
and values are option values.

Way we have it, we set options in a different file (*.txt), and we
read from that file.
Is there easy way for just reading file and setting options instead of
parsing it.

so this is what my option files look like:

{ '-cc': '12',
  '-I': r'/my/path/work/'}

{  '-I': r/my/path/work2/'}

so my scipt how has dictionary
options = { '-cc' :'12'
                '-I': r'/my/path/work/:/my/path/work2/'}

I am trying to avoid parsing

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