Frame work for simple physics web applications

Brian Blais bblais at
Sun Apr 20 04:26:55 CEST 2008

On Apr 19, 2008, at Apr 19:3:55 PM, Rick Muller wrote:
> Do any of the AJAX frameworks for Python compare in simplicity to
> writing a simple CGI script? I've been impressed with, since it
> seems pretty easy to use, but I would go to the trouble of learning
> one of the bigger frameworks if they would provide a more elegant
> solution.

I'd highly recommend  You can even run it as a cgi script, if  
you want, but it has its own webserver.  For larger scale stuff, they  
give directions for running it behind apache or lighttpd.  It's very  
easy and flexible.

are you using matplotlib for the plots?


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