*.py source file surprisingly deleted with Pydev/Eclipse. Who else experienced this ?

Nebur nospam1.reifenberg at gmx.de
Fri Apr 4 17:38:07 CEST 2008

Hi folks developing with Pydev/Eclipse,

this is the second time in about half a year that the following
surprise bites me:

I've switched between some files in Pydev/Eclipse using the
FileNavigator, and when I want to go back to my last-edited *.py file,
it is missing.
No more in the FileNavigator, no more in the OpenFiles-List of the
Editor. Removed anywhere. Erased from the file system. Restorable from
the version control only.
Only a young orphan *.pyc file is sitting around, showing me I haven't
dreamed of editing the file two minutes before.
I'm sure I did no delete operations with eclipse, and I'm sure I did
not use another application than eclipse in the meantime.

No, I can't reproduce it, and I don't know whom to blame (Pydev?
Eclipse ? The File System ? A Virus that only 2 times in half a year
deletes a single file I'm busy working with, and seems to do nothing
else? Myself beeing schizophrenic ??)

Someone else already had this effect ?

PS: Debian Etch 64Bit/JFS,Eclipse3.3,Pydev1.3.14.

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