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> If you know anyone in Bangalore, India expert in python kindly
> send him across I can show him the problem in my machine and Indian
> Institute of Science(IISc-locally known as TATA INSTITUTE) is a
> distinguished place.Any one should know it.
> I am in no mood of doing a joke.


>> I have a car. I have turned the ignition key but it fails to start.
>> Please tell me what is wrong with it.
Please understand: this is the Internet. The chances that a random 
responder will know anyone in Bangalore are vanishingly small.

I wasn't joking: I was simply (perhaps sarcastically) pointing out that 
you do not provide enough information for anyone to help with your 
problem, since you don't explain what the problem is.

Fortunately nobody is under any obligation to help here, it's simply 
done out of kindness.

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