py2exe, program has stoped working!?

Steve Holden steve at
Tue Apr 15 01:38:42 CEST 2008

John Machin wrote:
> On Apr 15, 4:08 am, Steve Holden <st... at> wrote:
>> John Machin wrote:
>>> By the way, "popup" is what you get in a web browser. What did this
>>> "popup" look like: a panel from your GUI software? A Windows message
>>> box? Did it have a title across the top? What was the exact text in
>>> the popup/panel/box? Were there any options other than to close the
>>> window?
>> FYI "xxx has stopped working" is Vista's "user-friendly" way of
>> reporting what Windows 3 would probably have called a "General Program
>> Fault".
> So I found by googling "has stopped working". I'd never seen such a
> litany of weeping, wailing and u'\u02ad' before.
>> It pretty much hides all useful information fro the end-user,
>> perhaps on the grounds that end users wouldn't know what to do with the
>> information it *could* provide anyway.
> Thanks for the info, Steve. Sounds like it's even worse than its
> predecessor in Windows XP.

You could say "it sucks" and not be a million miles away. Particularly 
since Windows Explorer is itself one of the programs that quite 
frequently "stops working".

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