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> | This is my first post and I'm new to Python. How would someone go about
> | adding keywords to Python? It would be great to add support for  
> Esperanto
> | keywords in the language instead of English being the only option.
> If you want other-language keywords, you should either use a translator
> processor or an editor that will do keyword substitution.  I do not know  
> of
> such but I would not be surprised if there is one.  I suspect this sort  
> of
> thing will more likely happen with Python 3, which will allow unicode
> keywords.

Python 3 allows for unicode identifiers, but I don'k know any plans for  
using unicode keywords too. Looks funny:

∀ x ∈ values:
   if x ∉ forbidden ∧ x ≠ y:
     print(x, Γ(x), √(x))
near = λ a,b,ε=0.01: a-ε ≤ b ≤ a+ε

for x in values:
     if x not in forbidden and x!=y:
         print(x, gamma(x), math.sqrt(x))
near = lambda a,b,eps=0.01: a-eps <= b <= a+eps

Gabriel Genellina

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