question about and CC and LDSHARED env variables on Solaris

srf99 at srf99 at
Wed Apr 16 18:58:12 CEST 2008

Recently I was trying to compile/install cx_Oracle on our Solaris

When I ran "python build" I got the following message:
"/usr/ucb/cc: language optional software package not installed"

I Googled around and discovered that this is a frequently-encountered
issue on Solaris systems, because Solaris systems don't have the
Solaris C compiler installed by default.  (We certainly don't.  We
use  gcc instead.)

After poking around in the source code for distutils, I figured out
that I could get to work if -- *before* running -- I
set two environment variables:

    export CC=gcc
    export LDSHARED="gcc -G"

Afterward, in searching the Web, I couldn't find any documentation to
tell me that I had to do this, or why, or when.

So my question is:
Does anyone know the location of documentation (about distutils, or
about using that tells you

 - that you have to do this,
 - why you have to do it,
 - the circumstances under which you have to do it?

I'm a Unix newbie, so I may very well have missed something obvious.

Thanks in advance,
-- Steve Ferg

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