I am worried about Python 3

Gerhard Häring gh at ghaering.de
Thu Apr 10 11:06:21 CEST 2008

John Nagle wrote:
> jmDesktop wrote:
>> If I continue in Python 2.5.x, am I making a mistake?  Is it really
>> that different?
>    No.  It may never happen, either.  The Perl crowd tried
> something like this, Perl 6, which was announced in 2000 and still
> hasn't come out.  The C++ standards committee has been working on a
> revision of C++ since the 1990s, and that hasn't happened either.
>    The general consensus is that Python 3.x isn't much of an
> improvement over the existing language.  There's just not much
> demand for it.

The difference is that Guido learnt from the mistakes of Perl 6 and set 
much more realistic (moderate) goals for Python 3.0.

Unlike others, I think that Python 3.0 will get popular sooner than you 
think. Imagine:

- you're the developer of an Open Source Python library
- for fame and glory, you port it to Python 3.0
- you realize that maintaining two branches is cumbersome
- Python 3.0 becomes first class
- Users switch to ...

-- Gerhard

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