Installation in a local directory

Sean McDaniel sean.m.mcdaniel at
Fri Apr 25 06:10:17 CEST 2008

Hi y'all,

I'm trying to perform a local install of python at work in my user 
directory. Everything compiles correctly, but I can't seem to tell the 
configure script the location of the bin and lib directories where I 
want my stuff. I've think I've passed the correct flags to the 
'configure' script.

make clean
./configure --enable-shared --prefix=/user/mcdaniel/arch32

where arch32 contains the the lib and bin directories where I want my 
python stuff to go.  Unfortunately these directories are not written 
to; everything ends up in the default location from where I ran 'make'. 
Moreover, if I add a symbolic link from the python binary (which I can 
run directly without problems) to the bin directory so that my PATH 
will recognize the new python, I get an error about loading shared 

I'm making on a 32 bit new debian system.

Thank you for your help,

Sean McDaniel

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