problem using import from PyRun_String

Patrick Stinson patrickkidd.lists at
Wed Apr 9 03:01:18 CEST 2008

I'm creating a module with PyModule_New(), and running a string buffer as
the module's text using PyRun_String and passing the module's __dict__ to
locals and globals. I'm having a problem using the import statement from
within PyRun_String(). It complains about "__import__ not found", which
after a quick grep it looks like the exception is raised from
PyExc_EvalFrameEx() in ceval.c after f->f_builtins module doesn't contain
What __builtin__ module does that point to? a quick print of the content of
__builtin__ in CPython code shows a function for the "__import__" key, and I
manually added all of the contents of __builtin__ to the module's dict,
which was empty before.

Any help?


Patrick Kidd Stinson
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