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On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 10:24 AM, Steve Holden <steve at> wrote:

> Victor Subervi wrote:
> > On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 1:14 AM, Gabriel Genellina
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> Now all you have to do is what I told you in the first place, which is
> to remove the print statements before and after "print content".

That is what I figured after I sent the email. However, I had tried that
with a test script and the working script, with bad results. Here is the
test script that should have worked flawlessly:

#! /usr/bin/python

import MySQLdb

print "Content-type: image/jpeg\r\n"
host = 'host'
db = 'bre'
user = 'user'
passwd = 'pass'
connection = MySQLdb.connect(host=host, user=user, passwd=passwd, db=db)
cursor = connection.cursor()
cursor.execute('select img from photo where id="7";')
content = cursor.fetchall()
print "Content-Type: image/jpeg\nContent-Length: %d\n" % len(content)
print content

This prints out the URL as an image! No idea why. But it does not produce
the desired image.

The following is the heart of the script for display. I tried entering the
Content-type where indicated, but it produces everything up to the image,
then produces the result of code from the exception...

    cursor.execute('select id from products where category="' + category +
'" order by sort_factor desc, price desc;')
    ids = cursor.fetchall()
    if len(ids[0]) != 0:
      for id in ids:
        for d in id:
          print '<tr>\n'
          cursor.execute('select * from products where id = ' + str(d) +
          col_fields = cursor.fetchall()
          if lang == 'es':
            print '<b>ID: </b>', col_fields[0][0], '<br />'
            print '<b>Nombre: </b>', col_fields[0][2], '<br />'
            print '<b>Título: </b>', col_fields[0][6], '<br />'
            print '<b>Descripción: </b>', col_fields[0][9], '<br />'
            print '<b>Precio: </b>', col_fields[0][11], '<br />'
            print '<b>Recámaras: </b>', col_fields[0][12], '<br />'
            print '<b>Baños: </b>', col_fields[0][13], '<br />'
            content = col_fields[0][14].tostring()
            print "Content-Type: image/jpeg\nContent-Length: %d\n" %
            print content, '<br /><br />'
    if lang == 'es':
      print 'Lo siento. Todavía no tenemos propiedades para enseñarse en la
categoría de ', category, '.\n<br /><br />'

> You are NOT generating HTML, you are generating a JPEG image.

I am producing both, and this is causing me confusion.
BTW, when we are finally done with this, I will write a nice how-to (since
there is not one in python, while php has some nice ones) on how to do this,
and give you and Gabrielle all your due credit. I will post it to this list,
because that is sure to rank highly in google right away.
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