python and web programming, easy way...?

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On Apr 26, 4:36 pm, bvidinli <bvidi... at> wrote:
> Hi,
> i use currently python for console programming.
> in past, i tried it for web programming, to use it instead of php.
> Unfortunately, i failed in my attempt to switch to python.
> Currently, i make many webbased programs and a "Easy Hosting Control
> Panel " ( that runs on php,
> ehcp is a hosting control panel in beta stage..
> in fact, i use python, love it and want to switch to it in my all
> projects, including webbased programs and ehcp.
> Can your recomment me the easiest, most usable way to use python in
> web programming..
> in past, in my first attemt... i was able to run python as  as apache
> cgi, runned it basicly,
> but i had many difficulties especially in sessions, cookies...
> maybe currently there is a solution, but i dont know.
> Please provide me the quickest/most appropriate solution for web
> programming in python.
> i will try to switch to python in ehcp too..
> Currently my web programs are simple Object Oriented programs, that
> basicly uses a few files, in php.
> i use sessions in use authentications.
> i currently use php because it is fairly easy to install/run on apache..
> you just put it on server, it runs.. i look something like this for
> python. because python programming is much better than php.
> Thank you a lot.
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Django is the way to go for web development.


Nicolás Miyasato ( miya )

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