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Wed Apr 2 08:08:40 EDT 2008

On Mar 30, 1:22 am, castiro... at gmail.com wrote:
> That's weird.  I feel like I could go on about an introductory program
> for days and days, la.
> I usually start (both times) with interpreted vs. compiled.  It's a
> layer of abstraction.  But it's very weird; the layers can't tell
> either of each other apart.  I can hand you the machine instructions,
> the names of circuitry, that run Line 1 to Line 9 one time, but you
> can't tell the difference between the code and the data.
> Some of it lingers in post-perceptive operations: the memory system,
> for the record.  Some lingers long times.  So far it equates to
> different Pythons produce different Pythons, however, though, so I'll
> ask the spell checker.  Python.get_back_in_skin().  Weird.
> I'm not sure if it makes any difference.  The binary you run is
> Python.exe.  It's already running, then you feed it a raw string, not
> on disk without loss of generality.  The translation is a little hard
> to find too.
> Python :: mingw-c++ :
> Python.exe :: mingw-c++.exe :
> what? :: machine instructions.exe
> In Python there's a for-loop that's the exact same as one in machine
> instructions.
> 0101 b1= 1000
> 0110 if a < b0 goto b1
> 0111 b2= b2+ 1
> accumulates a number in register b2.  You probably want interface and
> graphics primitives.  Sometimes I feel like "with a scroll bar"
> suffices to specify all the detail you need; there's too many
> options.  (I can do this and this and ... scroll bar, please.)  You
> know the episode of Star Trek NG where Barclay takes over the
> Enterprise.
> I'd also like to be able to write (write) a series of instructions and
> have it loop, and debug in vivo, as though a BASIC program were
> running and I could edit lines in its doing so, maybe time Windows
> Media visualization codecs in time.  You could tell story lines and
> have it refine, post-inspiration.
> You might be surprised how much repetition in instructions Lines 1
> through 9 (of -code-) share, in both sides of the analogy.  Anyone
> work with a VAX?


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