Little novice program written in Python

Rogério Brito rbrito at
Mon Apr 28 22:51:55 CEST 2008

On 04/25/2008 01:30 AM, Steve Holden wrote:
> Rogério Brito wrote:
>> I'm just getting my feet wet on Python and, just for starters, I'm 
>> coding some elementary number theory algorithms (yes, I know that most 
>> of them are already implemented as modules, but this is an exercise in 
>> learning the language idioms).
> Your Python is actually pretty good - if Raymond Hettinger pronounces it 
> OK then few would dare to disagree.

Thank you.

> As for your English, though, the word you sought was "Pythonic" (not 
> that you will ever find such a word in Webster's dictionary). To suggest 
> that your code is Pythonesque would mean you found it farcical or 
> ridiculous (like a Monty Python sketch), which it clearly is not.

I didn't know about the pejorative meaning of Pythonesque. :-) Thanks for the 
comment on my English (which should be obvious that I'm not a native speaker).

> PS: I think either my mailer or yours has mangled the indentation.

I think that it was mine.

Thanks, Rogério Brito.

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