appropriate python version

Michael Torrie torriem at
Sun Apr 6 17:52:32 CEST 2008

xamdam wrote:
> Sorry if this is a stupid q,
> I am trying to figure out the appropriate version of Python(2.4 or
> 2.5) for an XP 64 system running on an Intel Core2 Quad.
> has a to a 64bit build, but it specifies Itanium as the target. Should
> I just be using the regular build?

Itanium is a different processor and architecture.  It simply won't run
on your Core2 Quad.  You need an x86-64bit build.

> I was also thinking of getting the Enthought edition (http://
> - would their binary work with the setup,
> and what would be the downside of using it over the special 64bit
> build?

Seeing as the special 64bit build appears to be for itanium (from what
you say here), I'd say the question is moot!

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