Embedding Python in my C++ application

Severian severian at severian.org
Wed Apr 16 16:26:09 CEST 2008

I am working on embedding Python 2.5 in my C++ application, and I have a 
few questions:

1) My application is multi-threaded; what problems should I be aware of 
if I create a separate interpreter in each working thread? The 
documentation is a bit vague (or perhaps I haven't found the right 
place). Calls into my application are already thread-safe.

2) Rather than implementing my own editor in C++, I would like to be 
able to use existing tools to some degree, such as a python editor, 
interactive interpreter and perhaps even debugger, without impacting the 
main (GUI) thread of my application. Is there an example application, or 
any hints from someone who has done this?

3) Because my program links statically with the C runtime (on Windows), 
and Python links with it dynamically, there are some things that cannot 
be passed back and forth, such as C file handles and FILE pointers. Is 
anyone aware of other issues this may cause?

I will greatly appreciate help with these questions, or advice on 
embedding Python in general!


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