Is this a good time to start learning python?

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Tue Apr 1 20:57:21 CEST 2008

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> >> Don't be scared by the "backwards incompatible" tag - it's the way to  
> >> get  
> >> rid of nasty things that could not be dropped otherwise.
> > I would consider breaking production code to be "nasty" as well.
> Please explain how the existence of Python 3.0 would break your production  
> code.

The existence of battery acid won't hurt me either, unless I come into
contact with it.  If one eventually upgrades to 3.0 -- which is
ostensibly the desired path -- their code could break and require

Backward compatibility is important.   C++ could break all ties with C
to "clean up" as well, but it would be a braindead move that would
break existing code bases upon upgrade.

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