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Nikita the Spider wrote:
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>  azrael <jura.grozni at> wrote:
>> Which big aplications are written in python. I see its development,
>> But i can't come up with a big name. I know that there are a lot of
>> companys using python, but is there anythong big written only in
>> python. I want him to fuck of with his perl once and for all time
> Why are either of you so emotionally attached to the tools you use? 
> I don't know your friend, but my guess is that he's not interested in a 
> logical argument, so he won't be impressed even if you claim that God 
> himself wrote the Universe in Python. I think he enjoys saying this 
> stuff simply because you react to it. It's pretty sad that he can't find 
> something better to do with his time. 
It's even sadder that he doesn't need to.

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