How to print a unicode string?

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Sat Apr 19 02:53:15 CEST 2008

damonwischik at writes:

> On Apr 19, 12:51 am, Ben Finney wrote:
> > Just because the locale library knows the normalised name for it
> > doesn't mean it's available on your OS. Have you confirmed that
> > your OS (independent of Python) supports the locale you're trying
> > to set?
> No. How do I found out which locales my OS supports? (I'm running
> Windows XP.)

Can't help you there.

> Why does it matter what locales my OS supports, when all I want is
> to set the encoding to be used for the output

Because the Python 'locale' module is all about using the OS's
(actually, the underlying C library's) locale support.

The locale you request with 'locale.setlocale' needs to be supported
by the locale database, which is independent of any specific
application, be it Python, Emacs, or otherwise.

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