Python plugin for Firefox

Todd Whiteman toddw at
Thu Apr 17 21:28:23 CEST 2008

zelegolas wrote:
> Hi,
> It's may be a stupid question but do you if someone tried to create a
> python plugin for firefox?
> If you know an Open Source project let me know...
> Thanks

This was asked just recently on the list (included responses below):

Joe P. Cool wrote:
 > > In 2005 I heard of plans to add Python as a second language to the
 > > Gecko engine. Is this still true? Or has this plan been abandoned?
 > >

You can use Python inside of Mozilla (Gecko) based applications now,
such as Firefox/Thunderbird/Komodo Edit/XulRunner which communicate
through the Mozilla XPCOM architecture.

There are builds of PyXPCOM (Python XPCOM) that can be downloaded and
easily installed through the xpi extension mechanism, see:

The Mozilla 1.9 branch (Gecko 1.9) also contains the hooks necessary to
be able to use Python as a script handler, instead of having to use
JavaScript. This is commonly referred to as PyDOM.

To get and use PyXPCOM (Mozilla 1.8 and Mozilla 1.9):
* install the above extension
* or make your own build of the Mozilla application

To get and use PyDOM (Mozilla 1.9):
* you'll need to make your own build of the Mozilla application

I'm the one working on the PyXPCOM extension, which I am hoping will
eventually contain the PyDOM module as well (once I get around to making
new Mozilla builds with this enabled).


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