pgdb: Debugging Python extensions made easier

SteveD steve.j.donovan at
Mon Apr 14 15:01:24 CEST 2008

Hi guys, is an addition to scite-debug, which adds source debugging to
the popular SciTE programmer's editor. is a standalone
version which can be run from Emacs.

These allow you to single-step from Python to C code in a debugger

To use pgdb, install scite-debug (either on top of an existing SciTE
installation or with one of the packaged all-in-one versions) and
unzip into the same directory.

gdbpy requires Lua 5.1, but there are no other dependencies. In both
cases, read the release notes.

I know the FAQ says that this is not possible, but the FAQ is somewhat
outdated. GDB is quite happy with pending breakpoints to unresolved
libraries, but you have to reassure it. This technique is a
generalization of one that I used to solve the equivalent problem with
debugging Lua extensions.

steve d.

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