*.py source file surprisingly deleted with Pydev/Eclipse. Who else experienced this ?

Nebur nospam1.reifenberg at gmx.de
Sat Apr 5 09:36:48 CEST 2008

> So, just wanted to point out that eclipse saves your file history
> (even if you do not have a vcs)...  that operation can be selected by
> right clicking a parent folder and selecting 'restore from local
> history'.
Fabio, you are right; this feature should help to compensate ... but
in my case, the Eclipse said "No deleted ressources in local history
for selected container".
I'm not familiar with the Local-History feature (since using a vcs),
so it may be misconfigured. (The setting in Preferences/Workspace/
LocalHistore are at default: 7 days to keep files, 50 maximum entries
per file, max.file size 1MB - which should be enough. ). Hm.
Anyway, I don't see any idea how to track down what happened. So lets
close the thread and simply continue working.
* This is a good occasion to state that Pydev/Eclipse still is a very
efficient IDE in my opinion, and (aside from this mystery here) it is
perfectly stable for >>1 year now! This must be said, to correct any
potential misimpression.

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