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Thu Apr 24 13:33:52 CEST 2008

bvidinli wrote:
> I posted to so many lists because,
> this issue is related to all lists,

No, it isn't, as you would have discovered had you bothered to read the 
purpose of each list. For example, python-help and python-dev are 
mutually exclusive.

> this is an idea for python,

It isn't an idea for Python at all. It's you, telling the world that you 
haven't really used Python much and haven't read the manuals but would 
nevertheless like us to consider your ideas for improving the language.

> this is related to development of python...
No it isn't. Python already has the feature you requested.

> why are you so much defensive ?
Terry wasn't being defensive, he was protecting you form the abue you 
would receive of you kept posting to the wrong list!

> i think ideas all important for development of python, software....
> i am sory anyway.... hope will be helpful.
We hope you will be helpful too. For now it would probably be best to 
start by posting your questions on the regular comp.lang.python group, 
which is generally suitable for beginners who know something about 
programming. If you are new to programming as well then the python-tutor 
list would be more useful.

Ask with a little humility (the people who answer questions here are 
doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, remember) and soon you 
will be able to pass their assistance on, returning the favor they did 
for you.

Welcome to the Python community.


> 2008/4/24, Terry Reedy <tjreedy at>:
>> Python-dev is for discussion of development of future Python.  Use
>>  python-list / comp.lang.python / gmane.comp.python.general for usage
>>  questions.
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