How is GUI programming in Python?

John Henry john106henry at
Thu Apr 10 21:19:30 CEST 2008

On Apr 9, 6:54 pm, Chris Stewart <cstewart... at> wrote:
> I've always had an interest in Python and would like to dabble in it
> further.  I've worked on a few very small command line programs but
> nothing of any complexity.  I'd like to build a really simple GUI app
> that will work across Mac, Windows, and Linux.  How painful is that
> going to be?  I used to be really familiar with Java Swing a few years
> ago.  I imagine it will be similar.
> Next, what would you say is the best framework I should look into?
> I'm curious to hear opinions on that.
> Chris Stewart
> cstewart... at

If you are looking for something "really simple", my vote still goes
to PythonCard.  It has been around a looooooooooong time, very mature,
stable, and comes with sufficient widgets to get most daily job done.
True, it hasn't been updated to include some of the newer widgets but
there are plenty in the package already.

The danger is that once you get hooked in using Pythoncard, it's hard
to leave because everything else looks soooooooo "non really simple".

I've looked at every other Python GUI package.  In my humble opinion,
none came close to being "really simple" than Pythoncard.  It's too
bad the more capable people in the Python community doesn't pick up
the ball and continue to run with it.

For me, I am now migrating away from doing desktop GUI apps into
browse based applications with a Python backend, and qooxdoo
frontend.  So, for me, Pythoncard will be my last desktop GUI tool

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