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flarefight at googlemail.com flarefight at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 28 00:13:06 CEST 2008

No you didnt misunderstand the situation, i think i have confused
matters though!! When Ive got it working my program will read the data
within the file. But obviously for it to do that it needs to know
where the file is, hence the whole discussion. However to test things
were working, just with regards the setting up of the registry, and
since the contents of the file are essentially irrelevant for the
test, i made the test file a valid python file so that i could test
the registry setup by sending it to python.exe. It doesnt need to be
and wont be a python file, ultimately it will contain some cPickle
data which the program reads from the file. But as i said i need it to
know the path of the file it needs to unpickle.

And there are already "" around my %1 sign. It currently reads "C:\test
\test.py" "%1", where test.py is the short program that simply reads
the sys.argv that i posted further up.

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