Does Python 2.5 include or not include SQLite engine?

Trent Mick trentm at
Tue Apr 22 19:41:38 CEST 2008

Whether a Python installation includes the SQLite 3 bindings typically 
depends on:

1. Python version: core support for the SQLite 3 bindings (i.e. the 
"sqlite3" module) was added in Python 2.5. Earlier versions of Python 
may also have a 3rd-party package/module that adds SQLite bindings, of 

2. The Python distro: The binary Python 2.5 installers from 
(for Windows and Mac OS X [^1]) and ActiveState, i.e. ActivePython, (for 
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and AIX) include the "sqlite3" 
module as part of the installer. I don't know about other Python 

3. Platform: Commonly on Linux one will get Python from the Linux 
distro's own packaging utility (e.g., apt-get, rpm, synaptic, yum, etc.) 
Typically the Linux distros will break up a Python installation into 
multiple packages. So an installation of, say, the "python2.5" package 
will often not have the "sqlite3" module. To get it you would have to 
install the separate "python2.5-sqlite" package. (Note: the names of 
these packages vary with Linux distro and version of that distro.)


[1]: I could be wrong about whether the Mac OS X binary installer for 
Python 2.5 from includes the "sqlite3" module -- I haven't 
checked -- but I presume it does.

Banibrata Dutta wrote:
> Doesn't this depend on the source / distro ? My Python is from the 
> ActivePython distro, while I am not sure (since I've just about started 
> playing with it), I haven't seen SQLite included ... possible that I 
> missed it.
> On 4/22/08, *python at <mailto:python at>* 
> <python at <mailto:python at>> wrote:
>     While reading feedback to my post "Does Python 2.5.2's embedded SQLite
>     support full text searching?" I noticed that there appears to be some
>     confusion regarding whether Python 2.5 includes the SQLite engine.
>     My Windows 2.5.2 binary download includes SQLite.
>     But other posters claim otherwise, re: Linux releases of Python 2.5?
>     I thought one of the major features of Python 2.5 was its embedded
>     SQLite engine.
>     Thoughts?

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