How to make a "command line basd" interactive program?

Cristina Yenyxe González García at
Fri Apr 11 11:47:25 CEST 2008

2008/4/11, Evan <xdicry at>:
> Hope this hasn't been posted hundreds of times. I'm new for this.
> Before using python for this kind of script, I was using TCL to write
> down a "command line based" interactive program.  it likes a "tclsh",
> or "python" command, after that, you can work under a prompt,  for
> example, " - >> ", and then you can execute any commands what you
> defined in script.
> Now, in python, are there any common way(class) to finish this work?
> or does anybody has a example to do that?

I think the simplest way is using the InteractiveConsole class from the
'code' module. It shows a prompt, reads the commands you type and checks and
executes them. Doc here:
This way the TCL part could be not necessary, though.

If you need some special functionality (e.g., storing the commands you
type), you can subclass it easily.

> Evan

Hope it helps :)
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