mailbox.Maildir(), confusing documentation

tinnews at tinnews at
Thu Apr 3 17:17:08 CEST 2008

Having got my Python 2.5.2 installed I'm trying some things out with
the mailbox.Maildir() class.

If I do the following:-

    import maibox

then the pytest Maildir mailbox is created - which is great but isn't
documented.  If the above creates the maildir then what is the
mailbox.Maildir.add_folder() method for?  I tried
mailbox.Maildir.add_folder() and it appeared to do nothing, it didn't
produce any errors either.

Anyway I'm happy that mailbox.Maildir() will create maildirs and it
means I can do basically what I want but the documentation could be a
bit more helpful.  Are there any HowTos or FAQs for this (quite new I
know) part of Python?

Chris Green

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