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Wed Apr 2 16:52:30 CEST 2008

Bruno Desthuilliers napisał(a):

> Don't misunderstand me : I'm not saying that class-based is better (or 
> worse) than prototype, I'm not saying that Python is perfect, I'm not 
> saying that your points are not worth any consideration, I'm just saying 
> that, from your arguments, I have the very strong impression that you 
> don't know enough about Python's object model to understand it's 
> coherence and strength (and I've probably expressed it a rather harsh 
> way - please bear with me). If I'm wrong, please say so, pardon me and 
> we'll move ahead.

I understand you. Thanks for spending time to write all that things.

The point is that when I say:

	-- you should have same syntax of lambdas and ordinary functions

then Python gurus say:

	-- lambda is very good and is so special, that has its own syntax

But it seems to me, that lambda syntax was introduced because of interpreter 
limitations -- indentation and expressions. So it is not perfect, but must be as 
it is now.

Then I say:

	-- __id is awful, because it is a trick to prefix names

and gurus say:

	-- it is good solution for name conflicts

But somebody may prefix his names with class names and cause nameconflict, so 
maybe it is not so good? I would prefer to hear something like "other solutions 
were very complex, and our zen says 'Simple is better than complex.', so we 
decided to use this simple and not perfect solution"

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