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On 17 avr, 20:04, lg <elg... at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm pretty new to usenet and totally new to python, so.. hopefully i
> won't offend anyone with my naivete.  I work at a non-profit
> organization where we use mailman for our email lists, and i've
> inhereted the task of being list administrator from my
> sadly-recently-and-unjustly-terminated coworker.
> Anyway, I'd to know more about working with mailman from the command
> line.  For example, I know it must not be toooo complex to have mailman
> export a csv doc of all the members of a lis (instead of having to look
> through members using the web interface for administrators).  Can
> anyone point me in the direction of a forum, email list, or good
> tutorial to get me started?  Any insight *mucly* appreciated!

A general rule is to start with the project's page, doc and
mailinglist. Here we have (first hit on google for 'mailman'):

which itself points to - amongst other ressources - the documentation:

and the  mailing list:

All questions related to mailman itself should go there, since that's
where you'll find the most knowledgeable peoples. And don't forget to
read the doc before posting your questions - not understanding some
point in the doc is ok, failing to find something in the doc is ok,
but failing to *read* the doc first is a big mistake.

If the answers to your questions wrt/ mailmain require more Python
knowledge than you actually have, then start with Python's doc (and
the tutorial), then post here, and we'll gladly help if we can.

Also, since you mention being new to usenet, the following might be a
good read too:

NB: don't take what's written there to the letter - there are
hopefully some newsgroups that are very tolerant and newbie-friendly
(like this one here) - but understanding the overall spirit may help
you getting best answers.


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