def power, problem when raising power to decimals

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Thu Apr 17 05:03:10 CEST 2008

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On Apr 16, 4:19 pm, skanem... at wrote:
> how do i solve power(5,1.3)?
> also i found a link which states 0^0 isnt 1 even though every
> calculator ive tried says it is.
> it doesnt say what it is but i presume 0 then.
> but it seems the dude is wrong and it is 1?

Define a**b as 1 multiplied by a b times.  Then a**0 is clearly 1, 
regardless of a.

But some do disagree.

| decimal.InvalidOperation: 0 ** 0

I would think of this as a bug unless the standard Decimal follows demands 


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