Code/test ratio wrt static vs dynamic typing [was: Re: Python Success stories]

MRAB google at
Wed Apr 30 17:15:55 CEST 2008

On Apr 30, 10:47 am, cokofree... at wrote:
> > A rather off-topic and perhaps naive question, but isn't a 1:4
> > production/test ratio a bit too much ? Is there a guesstimate of what
> > percentage of this test code tests for things that you would get for
> > free in a statically typed language ? I'm just curious whether this
> > argument against dynamic typing - that you end up doing the job of a
> > static compiler in test code - holds in practice.
> > George
> To me it seems like more of an argument for a (more) concise Test
> Framework for Python, or at least a fully fledge IDE beyond pyDev.

You could just as easily argue that it shows the power of Python:
something that contains so much functionality that it requires 120 000
lines to test completely needs only 30 000 lines to implement! :-)

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