How to print a unicode string?

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Sat Apr 19 02:56:12 CEST 2008

On Apr 19, 1:14 am, "Martin v. Löwis" <mar... at> wrote:
> > From what I've googled, I think I need to set my locale.
> Not on this operating system. On Windows, you need to change
> your console. If it is a cmd.exe-style console, use chcp.
> For IDLE, changing the output encoding is not supported.
> If you want to output into a file, use
> If you absolutely want to output UTF-8 to the terminal even
> though the terminal will not be able to render it correctly,
> use
>   sys.stdout = codecs.getwriter("UTF-8")(sys.stdout)

Thank you for the suggestion. As I said, I am running Python through
Emacs 22.2.1, so I doubt it is a cmd.exe-style console, and it most
certainly is not IDLE. I want to output to the Emacs buffer, via the
python-mode plugin for Emacs, not to a file.

I tried your suggestion of setting sys.stdout, and it works perfectly.
As I said, the output is going to Emacs, and Emacs _does_ know how to
render UTF-8.

How can I make this a global setting? Is it possible to change an
environment variable, so that Python uses this coding automatically?
Or pass a command-line argument when Emacs python-mode invokes the
Python interpreter? Or execute this line of Python in a startup script
which is invoked whenever a new Python session is started?

Thank you again for your help,

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