Google App Engine

Jason Scheirer jason.scheirer at
Wed Apr 9 05:13:46 CEST 2008

On Apr 8, 7:50 pm, John Nagle <na... at> wrote:
> Duncan Booth wrote:
> > Google have announced a new service called 'Google App Engine' which may
> > be of interest to some of the people here
>     OK, now we need a compatibility layer so you can move apps from
> Google App Engine to your own servers.  You don't want to be locked
> into a single vendor solution, especially when they reserve the right
> to start charging.
>     Their data store uses a subset of SQL, so it's probably possible
> to write a conversion layer allowing use of MySQL.
>                                 John Nagle

It supports Django, and more importantly, WSGI, so any 'framework' you
build on top of it should transfer out. Heck, you have a stand-alone
python script that comes with the developer kit for hosting your apps
on YOUR computer that you could port to use YOUR database and be done
with it. Write your own ORM or just some decent OO code for handling
data access so the database access layer can be swapped out and you
are golden. I really doubt getting away from the Googe App Engine is
going to be too terribly difficult for any intermediate Python
programmer, assuming good up-front application design.

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