Python2.5 and MySQLdb

Jeffrey Froman jeffrey at
Fri Apr 4 23:12:17 CEST 2008

writeson wrote:

> I'm running a CentOS 4 server and have installed Python2.5 on there
> (it's our development machine) in preparation of moving to Python2.5
> everywhere. All looks good with our code and 2.5, except where it
> comes to MySQLdb, I can't get that to install on the machine. It
> generates a huge lists of errors and warnings from gcc when I run the
> python2.5 build script that comes with the tar file. Anyone
> have any suggestions?

MySQLdb compiles fine for me with python2.5 on CentOS-4. I suggest that you
examine the end of that long of warnings and errors to determine why it
won't compile on your machine.


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