Problem with variables assigned to variables???

grepla at grepla at
Wed Apr 30 07:25:32 CEST 2008

I have a simple line of code that requires the following inputs - an
input file, output file and a SQL expression.  the code needs to be
run with several different SQL expressions to produce multiple output
files.  To do this I first created a list of a portion of the output
mylist = ('name1', 'name2', 'name3')

I also assigned variables for each SQL expression:
name1 = "\"field_a\" LIKE '021'"
name2 = "\"field_a\" LIKE '031'"
name3 = "\"field_a\" LIKE '041'"

Notice the variable names are the same as the listmember strings, that
is intentional, but obviously doesn't work.

the loop:
for listmember in mylist:
    print listmember + ".shp", listmember

my intended output is:
name1.shp "field_a LIKE '021'
name2.shp "field_a LIKE '031'
name3.shp "field_a LIKE '041'

but, of course, the variable listmember returns the name of the
listmember which makes perfect sense to me:
name1.shp name1

So how can I iterate not only the filenames but the SQL expressions as

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