py2exe, program has stoped working!?

Steve Holden steve at
Mon Apr 14 14:08:16 EDT 2008

John Machin wrote:
> On Apr 14, 7:24 pm, skanem... at wrote:
>>> Is it a console program or a gui program?
>> GUI
>>> What happens when you run it without py2exe?
>> it works perfectly, both from within python and launching from
>> "windows"
>>> Have you searched for "has stopped working" in
>> (a) your source code
>> yes no such message there> (b) the py2exe source code?
>> no, will do but doubt thats the problem
>>> Have you managed to get any py2exe-created program to run properly?
>> no
> Well, perhaps you might like to look in the samples directory of the
> py2exe distribution and choose a simple example and try that.
> By the way, "popup" is what you get in a web browser. What did this
> "popup" look like: a panel from your GUI software? A Windows message
> box? Did it have a title across the top? What was the exact text in
> the popup/panel/box? Were there any options other than to close the
> window?
> Which version of Python? Which Windows, what service pack? What GUI,
> what version? Care to divulge the contents of your Apart
> from your GUI, what 3rd party packages/modules are you importing?

FYI "xxx has stopped working" is Vista's "user-friendly" way of 
reporting what Windows 3 would probably have called a "General Program 
Fault". It pretty much hides all useful information fro the end-user, 
perhaps on the grounds that end users wouldn't know what to do with the 
information it *could* provide anyway.

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