is Pylons alive?

Mage mage at
Wed Apr 9 13:25:01 CEST 2008


I don't want to be impolite, just in short: I am thinking about leaving 
RoR and coming back to Python. I've missed the last two years in Python, 
however I have been subscribed to this list and there are not too many 
e-mails about Pylons in my mailbox.

On my Gentoo the latest Pylons ebuild has date "jul 2007" or something 
like last summer. It has testing keywords both for x86 and amd64. (No 
stable version available). It's available on my debian "testing" desktop.

Before spending much time for investigating, I would like to ask you: is 
Pylons the framework I look for if I want to come back to Python and 
develop MVC web apps?


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