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Fri Apr 11 13:40:08 CEST 2008

Sanhita Mallick <sanhitam at> wrote:

> I have looked at that, and other similar ones all of
> which are based on Graphviz.

Networkx is not based on graphviz.

> My problem is that I myself am creating some large graphs
> So I would like to use a graphical/visual method than typing out the
> nodes.

Not sure what exactly you mean. you will have to enter the nodes somehow
- afterwards you can visualize them. 

Do you mean you would like to have a GUI for entering nodes and edges?
I see two options: (1) write a GUI to do that (2) use an existing graph
editor and use networkx or something like that for analysis.

> Also, I am looking for a good tutorial for basic graph
> implementation other than the one on

 - Look at the source code for networkx.
 - Alternatively, basic graph algorithms can be found in many general 
   algorithm books.  
 - More specific stuff e.g. in A. Gibbons "Algorithmic Graph Theory".


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