PyQt - Question on QListWidget's selectedItems Method

Kelie kf9150 at
Tue Apr 1 15:16:08 EDT 2008


This method returns selected items by the order of user's picking,
instead of the original order of these items. For example, if a
ListWidget stores a list of ['A', 'B', 'C', 'D'] and when user is
prompted to make a selection, if he picks 'D' first, then 'B', the
returned ListWidget items would be 'D' first, then 'B', instead of 'B'
first, then 'D'. This seems unusual to me. Would users normally care
about the order of these items being picked? This selectedItems method
does not seem to have an optional argument that allows returned items
to be in their original order when added to the ListWidget. What did I

Thank you!

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